12 Social Media Marketing Tips from the Experts

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12 Social Media Marketing Tips from the Experts

12 Social Media Marketing Tips from the Experts

Social media has become such a significant and important marketing platform that to sidestep such a golden opportunity would be a huge blunder. Want to see your numbers soar and reap the most from your marketing efforts? Would you like to discover how the most successful marketing campaigns managed to pull it off?

12 Social Media Marketing Tips from the Experts

12 Social Media Marketing Tips from the Experts (Image courtesy – Search Engine Land)

The experts have spoken and we’ve gotten a number of tips from them as to just how you can make use of the right tools and strategies to raise your marketing game to its zenith.

1. Leverage Mobile Marketing Applications

12 Social Media Marketing Tips from the Experts

ileanesmith.com | Connect on Twitter – @Ileane

With tablets and smart phones in such wide usage, more and more applications are increasing their mobile utility. At this time, it means that internet marketers and advertisers need to pay increased attention to those mobile applications which will aid them in reaching the majority of mobile device users via these platforms.

Ileane Smith singles out her favourite mobile platform which is Snapchat, for its ability to attract a whole new demographic for marketers and advertisers and increase conversion.The current success due to enhanced mobile applications holds a promise of becoming unparalleled in the future with so much more business being transacted while people are on the go as opposed to being glued to a computer screen at a desk.

2. Perfect Your Craft One Platform at A Time

12 Social Media Marketing Tips from the Experts

joepulizzi.com | Connect on Twitter – @JoePulizzi

With the wealth of social media platforms now in existence, it might seem like a logical move to get a piece of the action – from everywhere. While on the surface this may sound like a genius idea, what will inevitably happen is that you may fizzle out trying to keep up with each platform, not target effectively and completely miss the conversion train, which is not your aim.

This was the experience of Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute, who discovered through experience that a more structured approach would be more advantageous. The solution is to zoom in on the platform which offers the most potential and represents your best chances of achieving conversion based on your target audience and focus your best efforts there.

When you gain a solid foothold, then you may begin to explore other lucrative platforms to expand your reach and drive additional sales. Just remember not to get distracted trying to dabble in everything and hone your marketing strategy one platform at a time.

3. Know Your Audience and Reel Them In

12 Social Media Marketing Tips from the Experts

clearvoice.com | Connect on Twitter – @joegriffin

Targeting effectively is one of the sure fire ways to achieve conversion in the scheme of social media marketing. Everyone will not be a client; that is just the bottom line, so trying to reach everyone will actually result in the effectiveness of your campaign being watered down. According to Joe Griffin, CEO and Co-Founder of Clearvoice, taking the time to identify your audience and tailoring your approach to appeal to more of these people is a forceful way to get their attention, hold it and convert.

4. Make Your Page Conversion Ready

12 Social Media Marketing Tips from the Experts

jessicathiefels.com | Connect on Twitter – @Jlsander07

So now that you’ve got the attention of your audience, is your website conversion ready?Content and Social Media Marketing Strategy Consultant Jessica Theifels who has had firsthand experience with her site not being able to handle the sheer volume of traffic generated from a stellar marketing campaign, advises that this base must be covered from the get go. Don’t get your audience psyched up and ready to take specific action only to arrive at a dead end. You want your efforts to pay off and you don’t want to lose your audience after working so hard to entice them the first time.

5. Don’t Underestimate Facebook Boosts

12 Social Media Marketing Tips from the Experts

bayareasellmyhome.com | Connect on Twitter – @Skyehomebuy

Facebook boost ads are a cost effective way to get you noticed by a large number of people. For this to be truly effective though, Jake Knight of Skye Homes, suggests using this method for some directed targeted for a short period of time (less than a week) to generate leads. You can do a lot more of this kind of marketing with a lot fewer resources than direct email marketing and producean even greater effect when you skilfully craft your ads.

6. Give Your Followers an Incentive to Stay On Your Trail

12 Social Media Marketing Tips from the Experts

worthpointeinvest.com | Connect on Twitter – @TheJoshuaWilson

Customers need to feel valued and important to your business, which they truly are. Why not reward them for their support? An effective marketing tool which will have clients assisting in a meaningful way by promoting your business is to offer incentives for continued support and for the support of their acquaintances.

With Facebook, for example, Joshua Wilson who is a partner and Chief Investment Officer at WorthPointe Wealth Management has advised that an incentive for a current purchase can be further enhanced by offering a future incentive for a subsequent visit. This offers value for money to your customers and also guarantees repeat business for you.

7. Address The Concerns of Your Readers

12 Social Media Marketing Tips from the Experts

amylynnandrews.com | Connect on Twitter – @AmyLynnAndrews

Social Media specialist, marketer and blogger Amy Lynn Andrews, has firsthand experience in this area. For her, revisiting her best performing blog posts in the past gave insight into how to best to address the concerns and needs of her readers/clients. If you are not offering something to your readers which is of value to them, then prepare for them to go looking for it elsewhere. Your content needs to resonate with them at their particular knowledge level (expert, intermediate or beginner for example) and be relevant to what they are seeking at the time.

8. Create Engaging and Valuable Content for Your Readers

12 Social Media Marketing Tips from the Experts

businessesgrow.com | Connect on Twitter – @markwschaefer

With that being said about giving your readers what they are looking for, the quality of the content is paramount. Well written and engaging content is one of the foremost ways to retain your followers and generate an expanded reader base.

While some firms may outsource article writing for their websites, which is quite fine, ensuring that the writer has intimate knowledge and appreciation of the niche makes a huge difference to how well the article translates to your audience.

Mark Schaefer who is a social media consultant, author and educator shares the single most important thing he does regarding content, which is to ensure that which each and every article, there is some nugget of value for his readers, from which they can benefit.

9. Utilize Influencer Marketing as The Goldmine It Is

12 Social Media Marketing Tips from the Experts

leadtail.com | Connect on Twitter – @carterhostelley

Sadly, a lot of fake reviews and testimonies abound in the internet marketplace. It leaves people heavily reliant on the honest and unbiased opinions of trusted persons before they make an investment of their hard earned funds.

Leadtail CEO and Founder Carter Hostelley, in speaking about influencer marketing mentioned that it raises the credibility of a brand and is as impactful to a marketing campaign as a paid media program would be.These facts coupled with the true to life experience of a trusted figure make it a powerful tool.

10. Harness The Power of Video Advertising

12 Social Media Marketing Tips from the Experts

hardmoneyfirst.com | Connect on Twitter – @sourcecapital

For Sacha Ferrandi who is the founder and principal of Source Capital Funding Inc and Texas Hard Money, the marriage of the use of live Facebook videos with YouTube creates a formidable marketing tactic. It is common to generate a large number of views from video content which is gaining popularity over still photos and even written content. With the scope of reach afforded by social media platforms and the more than reasonable marketing costs, utilizing videos through social media engages much more people and boosts conversion to a significant degree.

 11. Tap Into Pinterest Ads

12 Social Media Marketing Tips from the Experts

teammaat.com | Connect on Twitter – @TeamMaat

The unique and resource filled platform Pinterest has garnered a huge following from a wide demographic. Because of its broad appeal, it can be used to achieve higher conversion rates and at an even lower cost than Facebook and for a more targeted approach.

Maat van Uitert who is a Pinterest Expert has used Pinterest ads with impressive success to convert cold leads from other platforms into lucrative ones and has experienced 25% success rates in some cases. She stands by this method as a money saving strategy also, which she has utilized in multiple marketing campaigns.

12. Create A Positive Online Image

12 Social Media Marketing Tips from the Experts

repugen.com | Connect on Twitter – @RepuGen_

Finally, the value of a positive online reputation cannot be underestimated. People need to feel and be able to see that they are conducting business with reputable sources. Conducting business online does tend to remove the personal interaction somewhat although there are many ways to put potential clients at ease. With that being said, one of the ways to establish and maintain trust between clients and online businesses is through online reputation management.

Ajay Prasad, the president of RepuGen highlights taking this step as being a significant way to increase conversion and enjoy greater revenues.

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