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New Web Design Trends In 2017

New Web Design Trends in 2017

Year 2016 was a great year for web design and we saw a hell lot of creative designs in the year. We have already begin to see many new design trends coming up. Let’s analyze what we have for 2017. Creative headers New Web Design Trends In 2017. Credits:¬†kriesi Header is the crown of any website. Keeping it simple is out of fashion. People are coming up with a variety of creative and innovative ideas when it comes to website headers. A [...]

Surface Web Vs Deep Web Vs Dark Web

Know Your Web – Surface Web vs. Deep Web vs. Dark Web

Digital World The Digital World has moved into a new era of Knowledge expansion giving rise to digital consciousness. And with that we mean with every passing day, technology is breaking all the boundaries. Little did we know that there is more web than what’s shown to us. Many of us still believe that the world wide web comprises of all the digital data present online. Very handful of people know there is more data present in the encrypted network [...]