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Importance of colours in website design

Importance of colours in website design

Importance Of Colors Colour is very important aspect in every form of website design. But selecting an appropriate colour is an art of every designer. Likewise, choosing a perfect colour combination in a website designing process is one of the important elements in creating an attractive website. When visitors visit your website, they first notice the colour of the site and its attractiveness. This keep the visitors interacted with your website. Use of colour in very effective manner makes your website [...]

Steps To Protect Your Website From Website Hackers

Steps To Protect Your Website From Website Hackers

How grave would it be if your secrets, crucial personal information or your website was disrupted by some online “goons”? Hackers are “online goons” who steal secrets by obtaining information illegally in computer systems. They use that knowledge to obtain things like credit card information or even take down a website by causing so much traffic. They range from young kids or adults having “fun” to professional hackers. Since preventing havoc is better than curing it, this article gives a [...]

How to Make Your Product Stand Out With UX Design

How to make your product stand out with UX Design?

UX Design stands for User Experience Design. When a user interacts with your product what he/she experience that is UX Design. UX Design is the process by which we determine what the user experience will be. Whether you believe it or not UX has a huge impact on what web designers do. Your designs will not succeed if it is not usable, though you have created the best design in the world. Also Read: Top 8 SEO Guidelines for [...]

Website Effective Content Strategy

Strategy to build effective content for a website.

Websites have turned to the state of necessity. The world totally depends on internet to get various services and products. And this becomes possible when there is website. But designing website is not enough rather it should exhibit the correct information relevant to the products and services. There it comes to effective content writing. Every owners, web masters must keep their website not only attractive but informative so that to be understood by their customers. Good content attracts more people. [...]

Top 8 SEO Guidelines for Web Designers

Top 8 SEO Guidelines for Web Designers

SEO Guidelines for Web Designers Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a vital role in today’s business world. It is a process of gaining high quality and quantity of traffic to your website through organic search engine results. Therefore a web designer should understand how SEO actually works. Following are some of the basic SEO guidelines for web designers which he should remember while designing to improve web traffic. Also read: New Web Design Trends in 2017 Focus on your keywords Filter out keywords. Make [...]

Software Development Methodologies

Software Development Methodologies [Infographics]

Software Development Methodologies also called as the System Development Methodologies or in short a Software Process is a set of software development activities that are divided into phases for the purpose of planning and management of software and application. The project team develops deliverable in a structured way to develop and maintain an application. SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT METHODOLOGIES Software Development Methodology is also called as System Development Methodology or in short a Software Process. It is a set of software development activities that [...]

New Web Design Trends In 2017

New Web Design Trends in 2017

Year 2016 was a great year for web design and we saw a hell lot of creative designs in the year. We have already begin to see many new design trends coming up. Let’s analyze what we have for 2017. Creative headers New Web Design Trends In 2017. Credits: kriesi Header is the crown of any website. Keeping it simple is out of fashion. People are coming up with a variety of creative and innovative ideas when it comes to website headers. A [...]

The World's First Website

Did You Know How The First Website Looked Like

The First Website The first website went online 25 years ago on December 20th, 1990. Tim Berners-Lee designed the first World Wide Web page which flickered to life at the European Organization for Nuclear Research, known as CERN It was an inaugural page which was not made live initially explaining how the hypertext-based project worked. The site was made live on August 1991. This plain page laid the foundation of current internet world. The first web site built was at CERN within [...]