Importance of link building & link popularity for your business website

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Importance of link building & link popularity for your business website

Link building is one of the most important tactics used in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). For the crawlers, links are the roads between pages. Search Engine Optimization is a process of retrieving traffic to your website through organic search engine results.  It provides useful services to websites.

Link Building Strategy

SEO makes use of content and build link popularity so that the website is visible to the various search engines. The practice of link popularity refers to number of backlinks to a particular website i.e. link exchange and number of related links that a website has.  Links act as a vote to a page/website. By using Skyindya’s SEO strategy you can learn to create effective backlinks/link building to your website.

Skyindya Link Building Link Popularity Strategy

This article gives you a brief knowledge of creating internal links, incoming links (backlink/ inbound link) and outgoing links.


Links within the website that connects internal pages are referred as internal links. These are the links where you have all the controls within your website. Good internal linking can help spider to index the pages. You can also crosslink your important pages within website. This increases overall site visibility.


Incoming link is also termed as backlink or inbound link. Links coming from external websites to your website are called incoming links. These links refer how many external website links you have in your webpage. Creating backlinks is an important task as it tells Google that how many websites knows you or how much you are popular.

Ways by which you can increase incoming links:

  1. Find relevant site which are related to your site. For example, if you have wrist watch store, you can exchange link with other shopping sites who deal with watches. This can pull more visitors and may increase traffic.
  2. Search for the sites that accept sites submission. Visit those sites and submit your website link and request them to exchange link with you.
  3. Search for link partners in web directories and add your link and ask for exchanging links with you.
  4. Search for infographics submission sites and submit your infographics.
  5. Email outreach – Asking bloggers from your niche via email to link to your relevant articles.

The numbers of website links where you have placed or submitted you link are called as outbound links. Exchange links with those sites that are relevant to your site. Do not ignore low ranked site as they can also help in increasing your traffic, it can be useful after some period of time.

Hence, the popularity of the website is increased when your website has large number of links which in turn gives you more visibility in search pages.

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