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Importance of colours in website design

Importance of colours in website design

Importance Of Colors Colour is very important aspect in every form of website design. But selecting an appropriate colour is an art of every designer. Likewise, choosing a perfect colour combination in a website designing process is one of the important elements in creating an attractive website. When visitors visit your website, they first notice the colour of the site and its attractiveness. This keep the visitors interacted with your website. Use of colour in very effective manner makes your website [...]

RIP Home Button! It’s All Screen - iPhone X

RIP Home Button! It’s All Screen – iPhone X

It was iPhone day(12/09/2017), it was its tenth anniversary and at the opulent new Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino, Apple has launched three smartphones iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus and iPhone X with edge to edge screen, FaceID and wireless charging. In addition to the phones, Apple announced a third generation of its watch and a 4K Apple TV. Apple Launches The New iPhone X. Image Credits: apple.com Initially, most of the experts thought the iPhone 8 would be Apple’s main new [...]

How to Make Your Product Stand Out With UX Design

How to make your product stand out with UX Design?

UX Design stands for User Experience Design. When a user interacts with your product what he/she experience that is UX Design. UX Design is the process by which we determine what the user experience will be. Whether you believe it or not UX has a huge impact on what web designers do. Your designs will not succeed if it is not usable, though you have created the best design in the world. Also Read: Top 8 SEO Guidelines for [...]